• Assault Due To Inadequate Security

    When a customer visits a business, the customer expects the business to have adequate security to protect its patrons from criminal acts. A claim for an assault due to inadequate security is based an the theory of premises liability. A business owner has a duty to keep its premises in a reasonably safe condition. If the owner of the business knew or should have known that a criminal act was likely to occur on its premises and has taken no steps or inadequate steps to protect its customers, then that business may be responsible for the injuries to its customer.

    The same is true for apartment complexes. If an apartment complex knew or should have known that violent crime is prevalent on its premises, it has a duty to take steps to protect its tenants and their guests from assaults by criminals. These types of cases are complex and much must be proven to show that the business owner either knew or should have known that a violent crime was likely to be committed on its premises.

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