• Bad Faith

    The concept of Insurance Bad Faith is totally ingrained in the insurance law of Mississippi. Generally speaking, an insurance company commits bad faith when it denies a claim or delays payment of a claim without an arguable or legitimate reason and in doing so acts willfully, maliciously or with gross or reckless disregard for the insured's rights. Should an insurance company be found to have acted in bad faith, the insurance company can be ordered to pay a substantial sum in punitive damages to its insured.

    A large part of Paul's practice has been devoted to both defending the insurance company against claims for bad faith and in representing insureds in claims against an insurance company for bad faith. Having represented both sides of bad faith cases, Paul has a clear understanding of their complexities and an insight in to how to evaluate them.

    If you believe you have a claim for bad faith, you can schedule an initial consultation by calling the phone number above or by completing the form on the Contact page.