• Insurance Coverage

    Paul has handled insurance coverage questions and disputes throughout his career. He has represented numerous insurance companies on coverage questions regarding general liability coverage, homeowner's coverage, automobile liability coverage, uninsured motorists coverage, professional liability coverage, workers compensation coverage and life insurance coverage.

    He has handled coverage disputes involving multiple coverage years for health providers and hurricane storm damage and everything in between. While the bulk of Paul's insurance practice has been on behalf of the insurance carrier, he has also represented numerous individuals and corporations in their claims against insurance companies. Paul has represented clients with claims for uninsured motorists coverage, claims under their homeowner's insurance and claims under a general liability policy.

    If you are in a dispute with you insurance company or your insured, we will be more than happy to provide you with a free initial consultation to discuss the matter with you. You can schedule an initial consultation by calling the phone number above or by completing the form on the Contact page.