• Employment Law

    In most instances, an employer and employee relationship is a wonderful experience. However, in some instances it can turn hostile or unbearable. Some employers have been known to require their employees to perform illegal acts or to assist in covering up illegal acts. Often times these employees will inform government agencies of their employer's actions and become a whistle blower. Under Mississippi's law, there are protections for employees who blow the whistle on their employer's illegal activities.

    Another instance when the relationship can turn hostile or unbearable is when an employee is injured on the job. An employee is protected under worker's compensation insurance for most on-the-job injuries. They are entitled to be paid for their medical expenses, most of their lost wages and any permanent damage they may suffer under Mississippi's Workers Compensation laws.

    Probably the most hostile and unbearable situation in the workplace is when an employee is being sexually harassed by a supervisor or owner of the business. Fortunately, Mississippi and the Federal government have laws to protect employees from sexual harassment.

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