• Insurance Law

    For the past twenty years, Paul has been handling cases involving insurance. For the first ten of these years, he primarily represented the insurance company in litigating coverage disputes and in giving opinions as to coverage. For the past ten years, Paul has represented both the insurance company and the policy holder in coverage disputes and litigation. Representing both sides in insurance matters has given Paul insight into what drives the case, both from the policy holder's perspective and from the insurance carrier's perspective. Not having seen both sides of a coin can severely hinder an attorney's vision.

    Paul has handled all sorts of coverage litigating disputes from negotiating a resolution to litigating the matter in court. He has provided coverage opinions on far ranging issues on almost all types of policies. He has both served the policyholder as Moeller counsel and worked with Moeller counsel when representing the insurance company. Paul has also defended numerous insurance companies against claims that the carrier acted in bad faith in denying a claim or in delaying a claim. He has also represented the policyholder in claims against an insurance carrier that it acted in bad faith.

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