• Automobile Accidents

    A simple automobile accident can cause all types of problems. The inconvenience of being without transportation, the financial burden of missing work and the financial hardship of medical expenses are but a few of the problems faced by individuals involved in car wrecks. However, the fact that an individual is involved in a car wreck does not necessarily mean they need to hire an attorney. Obviously, an attorney costs money and it costs money to take a case to trial. It may be that the injuries suffered in an car accident are not enough to justify hiring an attorney. In most instances, the injured party and the at fault driver's insurance company can resolve the dispute which may be to the financial benefit of the injured party.

    So when should someone hire an attorney for an automobile accident? Not surprisingly, it all depends on the severity of the damages and the manner in which the at fault driver's insurance company is handling the claim. Is the insurance company paying the injured party all they are entitled to recover under Mississippi law or is the insurance company trying to take advantage of the injured party?

    These are all questions which Paul Ott can answer for you free of charge. He will be happy to discuss your case with you. If it is a matter which he believes he can help you with, he will be happy to represent you. If it is a matter which he believes you will be better off handling on your own, he will not only let you know this, he will also give you advise on the damages you are entitled to recover under Mississippi law and guidance on how to resolve the matter.

    If you are looking for an experienced Jackson, Mississippi law firm to represent you in an automobile accident matter who will give you and your case the personal attention you deserve, contact the Law Office of Paul Ott, P.A. You can schedule an initial consultation by calling the phone number above or by completing the form on the Contact page.